Extended Matrix Tools (EMtools) is an add-on for Blender that helps to create, manage and edit 3D representations of stratigraphic elements (3D proxies) for the Extended Matrix.

From a practical point of view, this tool can be used by specialists that need to organise every stratigraphic record inside Blender 3D:

    • using only the Matrix of Harris during an excavation or a 3D survey in building archaeology;
  • using the Extended Matrix (EM) both to manage the excavation/3D survey and to create a virtual reconstruction of an ancient context.

It is to be noticed that the Extended Matrix (EM) is fully compatible with the standard Matrix of Harris and for that reason the tool can be used in both the scenarios.

The current release EMtools version 1.1.0 is part of the official Extended Matrix Framework (EMF) version 1.1 and, like the other EMF 1.1 tools, is compatible with the EM 1.1.

Main features of the EMtools 1.1.0:

  • Import in Blender the EM files (yEd GraphML format)
  • tool for check coherence between 3D proxies in Blender and stratigraphic / reconstructive elements (US/USV) in the EM.
  • visualisation of EM node name and its description inside Blender.

The EMtools 1.1.0 is on GitHub (for Blender 2.80)