Extended Matrix 1.1 is out

After an year and a half of work, the Extended Matrix 1.1 is out.

  • full support to 3D modelling (Proxy models, Representation models, Snapshots)
  • EM workflow standardisation (data collection, analysis and outputs).
  • Guidelines for scientific publication of a re-construction hypothesis
    • Report of virtual activities (for non technical users), Dossier Comparatif (source collection and organisation)
  • New conventions
  • and much more..

Starting from this version, along every new EM, there is a EMF Extended Matrix Framework which includes tools and software to make the use of the Extended Matrix approach smoother and more effective.

The EMF 1.1 includes:

  • EMviq tool, designed and developed by Bruno Fanini, which provide a complete visualisation and interrogation context within the framework.

Full change-log can be found here.

Preprints of the reference paper for EM 1.1, published in the “Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports” can be found here or in the Downloads section.