ATON is a flexible Front-End to publish and interactively explore multi-resolution 3D assets and scenes online through modern browsers (both desktop and mobile). The Javascript Front-End component – developed by B. Fanini at VHLab, CNR ITABC – is based on osgjs and other open-source libraries taking advantage of modern HTML5/CSS capabilities. Such component is conceived to interact with complex and multi-resolution 3D scenes, large 3D terrain datasets and items on both desktop and mobile browsers, while maintaining high performance through state-of-the-art organization (scene-graphs), resource management and paging techniques.

Version 2.0

The new version of ATON is based on node.js and a first beta version is expected through 2019

Version 1.0

The old version of ATON (1.0) was based on PHP + JavaScript to serve and stream content, employed for ARIADNE landscape services.

Demos and Showcase

Massenzio Mausoleum
Panoramic 360 Videos streaming
Archaeological Sites
Light Probing system demo
Large multi-resolution terrain demo
PBR Model

Projects using ATON

Main features

  • SceneGraph based: hierarchical culling, instancing for efficient streaming, ease of composition and organization for complex scenes, efficient handling of spatial transformations, multiple nodes loading and much more…
  • Multi-texturing for complex and advanced effects (Physically-based Rendering: ambient occlusion, roughness, metalness, normal map, …and more)
  • Paged multi-resolution
  • Light Probing system with per-scene customization (load/save configurations)
  • Server-side compression of geometry and textures
  • Parallel streaming of geometries to client browser
  • 3D Annotation with rich HTML5 content, including formatted text, images, video, audio, chat-streams and generic web-apps
  • Support for several peripherals out-of-the-box: mouse, keyboard, joypad, LeapMotion , MYO armband and many others to come…
  • Multi-Touch enabled on desktop browsers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) with pan, zoom, double-tap to re-target and more
  • Easy embed options in external web pages
  • Support for metadata presentation through server-side or cross-server (external) XML files
  • Support for POV (Point-of-Views): management of camera transitions and navigation states, permalinks for easy sharing (QR-codes, etc.)
  • Support for Spherical Panoramas (equirectangular)
  • Texture video: 360 panoramic videos (spherical) and generic 3D geometries
  • VR Support through WebVR

News and development

Stay updated about new features and progress using the Aton tag