ATON is a framework based on node.js developed by B. Fanini (VHLab, CNR ISPC – ex ITABC) to create Web3D apps (presenters, applied games, tools, etc…) interacting with CH objects and 3D scenes on the Web. It adopts a “develop once, deploy everywhere” approach, without requiring any installation for final users, with its front-end automatically adapting to the device (mobile, desktop/kiosk or immersive VR). Such modular framework offers a simple but powerful API to manipulate scene-graphs, easy customization of event handling for rich interactions and a scalable rendering system with responsive interfaces. Advanced functionalities like complex rendering of 3D objects and virtual environments, camera (POV) management, real-time collaborative features, visual/immersive analytics and integration with complex multimedia content are just a few examples of what can be achieved with this open-source (GPL v3) framework developed by CNR ISPC.


If you are looking for the old ATON (version 1.0) it’s here.

Main features

  • Responsive, adaptive and scalable presentation of interactive 3D content (mobile, desktop/kiosks, immersive VR)
  • Complex scene-graph manipulation and support for hierarchical culling, instancing, node composition and cascading transformations
  • Immersive VR (WebVR/XR) and (multi)-touch devices interfaces
  • Shape Descriptors for 3D semantic queries and annotations with customizable events
  • Event-driven API
  • Scalable deployment, from low-cost SBCs (e.g. Raspberry Pi) to large infrastructures
  • Multi-temporal (4D) visualization
  • Real-time collaborative multi-user features (VRoadcast module)
  • Paged multi-resolution
  • Advanced multi-texturing, PBR features and shader customization
  • Camera/POV transitions, custom POV handling and navigation constraints
  • Dynamic and customizable recommendation systems
  • Spherical panoramas and IBL

Projects using ATON

REDRASK (2020)
Online 3D puzzle aimed at re-contextualization and gamification of drawings of Beit el Wali nubian temple. The web-app is being developed within B.A.C.K. TO T.H.E. F.U.T.U.RE project, in collaboration with DAD (Dept. of Architecture and Design) of the Turin Polytechnic.

TourismA 2020 expo
Web-app to interactively discover the past of the house of Caecilius Jucundus in Pompeii (support of Lund University) and Forum of Augustus in Rome (support of Museum of Imperial Fora) using touch and voice.

EMviq (2020)
Interactive 4D visualization and interrogation tool for Extended Matrices being developed under SSHOC european project.

PRISMIN (2019)
A framework based on a formalized model (PhD thesis @ Computer Science dept. of Sapienza University) to capture and encode user interactions as lightweight images exchanged over networked Web3D contexts.

NIXAMP (2018)
Scalable web-based infrastructure (in collaboration with DigiLab Sapienza) for augmentation, dissemination and interactive VR presentation of museums collections with responsive, cross-device VR visualization over local networks. The infrastructure has been deployed in the Capitoline Museum in Rome.

Landscape Services (2016)
A set of responsive, cloud-based services to process and present multi-resolution landscapes online, developed for the ARIADNE european infrastructure.
(old ATON version)

Turn on the History (2016)
3D presenter of objects and archaeological sites developed for “Turn on the History” expo @ National Museum of Transylvanian History.
Domus site | Great Temple site
(old ATON version)

Calore Valley / Valle del Calore (2016)
Online Virtual Museum
(old ATON version)

ArcheoVirtual (2016)
Interactive exploration of expo setup inside official website of ArcheoVirtual.
(old ATON version)


News and development

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