The DPF (Depth Panoramic Frame) is a compact data model developed by B. Fanini and E. d’Annibale (VHLab, CNR ITABC) for omnidirectional image-based data transport (panoramic images and videos) targeting VR dissemination, suitable for online and local contexts (or web-apps). It offers full sense of presence and scale within VR fruition by restoring a 3D space without transmitting original dataset (e.g.: very large point-clouds) using instead an egocentric optimized encoding. Original work was presented during 14th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage.

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The DPF data transport and DPF Library offer:

  • Correct VR stereoscopic fruition, by restoring a 3D virtual space on the fly
  • Encoding/Decoding of omnidirectional data, Semantic queries and 3D Restoration are all GPU-based
  • Streaming of compact and optimized image-based data (no geometry)
  • Optimal detail for HMDs, minimizing data transmission
  • Fast and easy semantic enrichment by non-professional users
  • Support for video-streams
  • Support for real-time Depth-of-Field effects
  • Easy event handling on semantically enriched areas (see examples)
  • Easy deployment on a webpage
  • Easy integration with external devices

Getting Started with DPF Library

You can find the javascript implementation of DPF Library and a few examples on GitHub here: https://github.com/phoenixbf/dpf.


The implementation (on top of OSGjs) employs modern HTML5/WebGL standards and it supports WebVR, thus targeting major VR devices such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard – right in your browser.

Live Examples

see live demos here

DPF live demos

Prototypes and Case Studies

San Marino single DPF (semantic demo)
San Marino single DPF (semantic demo)
San Marino DPF network
San Marino DPF network


You can find full updated API of DPF Library here: http://osiris.itabc.cnr.it/API/dpf/

The DPF Encoder

The tool / service used to encode depth and semantic information will be soon available