EMviq (Extended Matrix Visual Inspector and Querier) is a complete, interactive 4D visualization and runtime interrogation tool developed by B. Fanini (CNR ISPC) for Extended Matrices – see Extended Matrix (E. Demetrescu, CNR ISPC) official website. The tool focuses on automatic extraction from GraphML files (EMs) targeting 3D visualization, ease-of-use and performance – in order to establish a fast and robust pipeline within a multi-disciplinary team.

In order to inspect and query at runtime a single Extended Matrix (EM) described by GraphML, the tool automagically performs a translation of the EM into appropriate runtime data structures, suitable for 3D interactive queries. These are extracted or re-computed whenever the EM is being modified:

  1. The Proxy-Graph: a graph for real-time queries and interrogation, handling 3D proxies objects well defined in 3D space. Generation of such graph may include procedural sub-graphs (e.g. “Seriation Node”)  by procedurally instancing the referenced 3D proxy element into multiple locations, depending on transformation rules
  2. Source-Graphs: an internal runtime representation of EM sources relationships (paradata)
  3. A Timeline: a finite number of time-periods, identified by beginning and end values

EMviq (2020)

A completely new version of EMviq is being currently developed within SSHOC project. The new tool is completely web-based, developed on top of new ATON 2.0 framework, thus inheriting all the features offered by ATON (no installation, cross-device usage, etc.). Such tool also introduces new smart search, and it is being integrated with ownCloud to provide distributed workflow among remote professionals.

You can have a quick look of current working prototype here on a sample project (also embedded below) that loads, parses and processes a sample EM online. You can try live smart search functionalities with “USV100” (single proxy), “series” (highligh a few seriation nodes), “lintel“, “moulding” or “pediment“.

You can find the full source (GPL v3) of EMviq and deployment instructions here:

EMviq GitHub

EMviq desktop (2016-2018)

The first desktop prototype of EMviq was based on OpenSceneGraph framework, PugiXML library and several C++ modules developed within osgLab suite: you can find EMviq prototype here.